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Eye Trial Frame

Eye Examination

A comprehensive ophthalmologic examination should encompass all facets of the visual system and must consider how the individual sees, one's visual comfort, the general health of the eyes and their connection to the person's overall well-being.

A cardinal feature of an ophthalmologic examination is the history; eliciting from the person any issues that make them uncomfortable or that intimidate their eye health. It is critical to consider the person's overall health, any medical conditions or medications that they take, and how their work or habits impact their visual comfort.

In the course of an ophthalmologic examination, the person's vision, need for spectacle correction, muscle balance, eye pressure and health of the eyes - internal and external - must be thoroughly investigated.


Historically drops were needed to visualize the back of the eye, resulting in blurry vision for a good while after completion of the examination. Fortunately, Dr. Friedman utilizes technologies that make this inconvenience less compulsory. In most of the cases, a patient can enjoy a thorough eye examination without the need for dilation or blurry vision.

Please ask about these technologies when scheduling an appointment so you can coordinate your schedule accordingly.

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