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Retinal Laser

What is laser?


Treatment of the eye with laser is termed laser photocoagulation. 


Where and how is laser done?

Laser photocoagulation of the retina is performed in the office and can be used to treat many retinal conditions, including retinal tears, diabetic retinopathy, macular edema and retinal vein occlusion.

What does laser do?


When a torn retina is discovered, laser is used to seal the retinal tear to prevent a retinal detachment. Laser creates small scars of the retina thereby bonding the retina to its underlying tissue, much like staples or carpet nails.


What should I do to prepare for laser treatment?

Laser is performed in the office and requires no preparation on the part of the patient. The pupil is dilated prior to treatment to allow a better view of the retina. During laser photocoagulation, the patient will see bright flashes of light and occasionally feels a sensation in the back of the eye.

What do I need to do after laser treatment?

Nothing. Your pupil will remain dilated for some while so be cautious regarding driving or tasks that require your best acuity for the short term.

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