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Narrow Angle Glaucoma Treatment

How do I avoid a Narrow Angle Glaucoma Attack?

Laser Iridotomy is the treatment for this condition. A tiny hole is made in the iris (the colored part of the eye) with a laser.  This hole allows fluid made behind the iris to detour through it if the angle is getting too narrow to allow the usual passage of fluid.  


Laser iridotomy is a relatively painless procedure, done in the office, and should 'fix' the condition. Some people have unusual anatomy that requires additional treatment, but this is rare.

How often do I have to do this treatment?

If the procedure is successful, it rarely needs to be repeated. Occasionally, the iridotomy (hole) can get clogged up and require reopening. Again, this is done in the office.  However, it is prudent to be seen periodically just to be sure.

Why would I not get treated for narrow angles?

There really is no good reason not to be treated for narrow angles if your ophthalmologist detects the risk of narrow angle glaucoma. It is a safe procedure that spares the person a potential emergency. Of course, it is alarming to a person with no symptoms to be told that they need a laser, but if you are confident in your ophthalmologist, it is wise to proceed. 

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