Robert Friedman, MD, PC


is an ophthalmology practice dedicated to providing medical and surgical care for the eyes.


As a patient, you undergo a thorough ophthalmology interview and comprehensive examination in order to establish the condition of your eyes and to optimize your eye health.


A full purview of equipment is present on premises if additonal testing or evaluation is indicated.


In the event that treatment is necessary, Dr. Friedman can perform most laser procedures in the office. When needed, Dr. Friedman performs surgery in a nearby ambulatory surgery center, or in one of the hospitals that is specifically devoted to eyecare.  


Robert Friedman, MD , PC is a fee-for-service practice. Dr. Friedman does not 'participate' in managed care and can therefore define your best tretament without the restrictions of non-medical agencies.


Most patients do have insurance plans with 'out-of-network' provisions, and our office is expert at helping you submit and process your claims.